Driving Test Reports Tralee

Driving Test Reports

To drive in Ireland a medical report has to be completed by a Medical Practitioner or Optometrist whose name is on the General Register of Medical Practitioners or on the Register of Optometrists in Ireland.

Scheduled Eye Tests Tralee and KillorglinWe all appreciate the importance of good eyesight. Especially when behind the wheel of a car, so it is understandable that all applications for provisional driving licenses in Ireland must be accompanied by an eyesight report completed by a registered ophthalmic optician or registered medical practitioner.

As well as having good central vision it is important that drivers have good peripheral sight.

Peripheral vision must now be assessed by means of a visual field test, visual field testing assess the full horizontal and vertical range and sensitivity of your vision. When carried out by your optometrist or ophthalmologist to test for defects in visual field and detect blind spots which may impair the ability to spot a vehicle or pedestrian before it is directly in front of the driver.

We take appointments for driving licence eyesight reports for both category 1 (cars and 8 seater vehicles) and category 2 (Bus and truck) license drivers.

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