Vision Loss is Preventable

 Vision Loss is Preventable these days


80% of the causes of Blindness and Vision Loss is Preventable.

Having your eyes examined regularly by an optician to increases your chances of having treatable eye diseases being picked up early for preventative treatment.

Research shows that poeple who suffer from visual impairment or loss are more likely to have a serious fall and to suffer from depression. 80% of the causes of visual impairment and vision loss are preventable.

The earlier these causes are diagnosed, the sooner they can be treated to prevent vision deteriorating.

Don’t wait until it’s too late! Contact Tangney Opticians in Tralee or Killorglin for an eye examination if you are concerned about your eyes.

Remember if you have a medical card or PRSI, you are entitled to cover for your eye examination and glasses.

The best way to avoid preventable blindness is to have your eye examined regularly. If your local optometrist discovers signs of a potential eye disease or condition they will provide you with the correct advice, usually on the spot.


Vision Loss is Preventative



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